An Author/Illustrator Visit with Lisa Thiesing!

     So you're thinking about having an author or an illustrator visit your school! An author/illustrator visit is a wonderful way to get students excited about books. There is usually a lot of hub-bub surrounding a visit, which can easily be translated into classroom projects: research about the author, art for a welcome banner, counting down the days, a geography lesson on where the author comes from are all valid curriculum activities. The best activity, of course, is reading the author or illustrator's books! This will help to make the upcoming visit even more exciting.

    During a classroom visit, students can ask questions and listen. While the author/illustrator is at the school, students from the school newspaper can do an interview.
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Librarians have found that book circulation and enthusiasm for reading in general goes way up after an author visit.  For children who are artistically inclined, it can validate their love of drawing, writing and possibly generate thoughts about future careers.
 After the school visit, students can work on thank you letters and drawings

       Even if the author is not "famous", there is something amazing about meeting someone who has actually been published.  It brings to life the idea that authors and illustrators are real people and that children could grow up to be that too. 

    So, why me? I am both an author and an illustrator. In my presentations, I will talk about the writing process as well as the illustration process and the important differences between them.

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